Enhance your website with powerful bookmarking capabilities
  • Mobile friendly with responsive design features embedded in the app
  • A number of options for customizing appearance and functionality
  • Pure Javascript with no third party dependencies
  • Compatible with all major browsers (IE8+)
  • Demos with server-side code included (PHP and ASP.net) in download
  • 12 customizable themes
  • Show Modal
  • Mobile
  • Sidebar
  • Add Delete
  • Display Bookmarks


In this fast-paced world the need to save time is at a premium. With the complexity and growth of modern websites, keeping track of pages that interest your visitors and navigating a website is growing more difficult and time-consuming. My Bookmarks can save your visitors time navigating your site by enabling them to easily and quickly add, delete, and view bookmarked pages. My Bookmarks also allows website masters to collect valuable data about visitor interests.

My Bookmarks provides designers flexibility when deciding how to incorporate the app into a website. Display options include allowing visitors to add, delete, and view bookmarks on every page or allowing users to add bookmarks on every page, but view and manage their bookmarks on another page. You can pick a theme that best complements your website or create your own theme.


  • Depending on your needs, the My Bookmarks app can be incorporated into your website with little coding required.

  • Determine what data is displayed and how the data can be sorted (e.g by date added)

  • Each theme includes images in several sizes.

  • Customize the content of messages displayed to the user and whether certain messages are displayed when the app's status changes (e.g. an error occurs).

  • Not dependent on any particular web framework.

  • Decide which elements are displayed and their HTML content. This gives you almost complete control over the app's appearance and functionality.


  • Visitors will be able to save pages to return to at a later time. The act of bookmarking may increase the chances that new users will return to your website.

  • Frequent visitors can use My Bookmarks as a navigation tool to return to pages that they visit often.

  • Web developers can deliver advanced functionality to their client's websites with little relative effort and expense.

  • The data collected can be used for learning more about visitor's preferences. This information could be used for targeted advertising, recommending content, and determining what content interests your users.


If you would like to learn more about My Bookmarks, you can try out the online demos, read the online documentation, and download the application with demos. Finally, our promise to you is to be there for assistance with the app throughout the entire process, from trying it out, testing, to production and beyond. So you should feel free to contact us at any time.