Display Bookmarks

This demo is used in combination with the Add/Delete demo and allows users to view their bookmarks. The Date Added (ShowDateAdded) and Visits (ShowVisitCount) columns are displayed and ShowSortBar is set to true. The ShowSortBar option allows users to sort their bookmarks by clicking on the column headers. When viewed on a smartphone, the ShowSortBar option is set to false and only the bookmark text column is displayed. The ShowAddBookmark and ShowSort options are set to false because they are not needed. The ShowScrollbar option is set to false to allow the display table to expand when new items are added.


//"MyBookmarks1" is the id of the div element that will contain the app's content.
var ID = "MyBookmarks2";
//The path to the directory containing the Bookmark API files
var APIPath = " /Bookmark/";
//The path to theme related directory that contains the image files
var imagePath = "/mybookmarks/content/themes/Dodger_Blue/Images/18px/";
var options = {
ShowDateAdded: true,
ShowVisitCount: true,
ShowSortBar: true,
ShowAddBookmark: false,
ShowSort: false,
ShowScrollbar: false,
DeleteBookmarkPosition: "left",
DeleteBookmarkStatusText: "Deleting bookmark",
DeleteBookmarkSuccessText: "Bookmark Deleted",
DeleteBookmarkTitle: "Delete Bookmark",
HeaderText: "Bookmarks",
//Bookmark API URLs
BookmarksListURL: APIPath + "BookmarksListURL",
DeleteBookmarkURL: APIPath + "DeleteBookmark ",
DeleteBookmarkImage: "deletebookmark-20.png"
var mybookmarks = new MyBookmarks(ID, options);