Display Modal

This demo uses the My Bookmarks app associated with this site. Click the display bookmarks image above to view the app. To close the app click the close image .

  • Add a bookmark by clicking
  • Delete the bookmark for the current page by clicking
  • Delete a bookmark by clicking
  • If you have multiple bookmarks saved, you can sort the bookmarks by visits by clicking or


//"MyBookmarks1" is the id of the div element that will contain the app's content.
var ID = "MyBookmarks1";
//The path to the directory containing the Bookmark API files
var APIPath = " /Bookmark/";
//The path to theme related directory that contains the image files
var imagePath = "/mybookmarks/content/themes/Dodger_Blue/Images/18px/";
var options = {
HeaderText: "Bookmarks",
ExcludeTitleText: [{type: "Ends with", text: " - My Bookmarks"}],
//Bookmark API URLs
BookmarksListURL: APIPath + "BookmarksListURL",
CreateBookmarkURL: APIPath + "CreateBookmark",
DeleteBookmarkURL: APIPath + "DeleteBookmark",
UpdateVisitsURL: APIPath + "UpdateVisits",
AddBookmarkImage: imagePath + "addbookmark.png ",
SortAscendingImage: imagePath + "sortascending.png ",
SortDescendingImage: imagePath + "sortdescending.png ",
DeleteBookmarkImage: imagePath + "deletebookmark-20.png ",
ToggleDeleteImage: imagePath + "toggledelete.png "
var mybookmarks = new MyBookmarks(ID, options);