Display Sidebar

In this demo, the app is displayed in the sidebar.


//"MyBookmarks1" is the id of the div element that will contain the app's content.
var ID = "MyBookmarks1";
//The path to the directory containing the Bookmark API files
var APIPath = " /Bookmark/";
//The path to theme related directory that contains the image files
var imagePath = "/mybookmarks/content/themes/Dodger_Blue/Images/18px/";
var options = {
HeaderText: "Bookmarks",
ExcludeTitleText: [{type: "Ends with", text: " - My Bookmarks"}],
//Bookmark API URLs
BookmarksListURL: APIPath + "BookmarksListURL",
CreateBookmarkURL: APIPath + "CreateBookmark",
DeleteBookmarkURL: APIPath + "DeleteBookmark",
UpdateVisitsURL: APIPath + "UpdateVisits",
AddBookmarkImage: imagePath + "addbookmark.png",
SortAscendingImage: imagePath + "sortascending.png",
SortDescendingImage: imagePath + "sortdescending.png",
DeleteBookmarkImage: imagePath + "deletebookmark-20.png",
ToggleDeleteImage: imagePath + "toggledelete.png"
var mybookmarks = new MyBookmarks(ID, options);